301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently



For my daughters Micah-Sophia and Rory Sarah


I’m fighting normal. I’m choreographing

this other dance, where you spin across

the floor and out the door while the other

kids are still jumping on the spot, popping up

to learn ballet. From an outsider’s eye,


you might call ours the dancing raccoon disco,

or perhaps we are the hip hop squirrel brigade.

The slippery salmon lovers of clouds? Or are we

the bears who hold up signs saying, Will work

for honey and funk! Find your totem.


There is no tradition I will hold you to.


What I’m saying is that I want you to keep moving

and I don’t care if it is in your body or your mind.


When the other kids pirouette, you are already

gone. You’ve sold your tutu and moved to Amsterdam.

You have woken on a beach in Vanuatu

and when the person you love says, I love you,

you have the confidence to say, I love me too

and that’s why I can love you back

ferociously in the language of red.


It’s simple really: I want to give you both the gift of yes.


The door is open and even though we are supposed to stay,

we are spinning across the floor

in violation of expectation and structure.


What I’m saying is: go barefoot. Or walk out

with a handstand. Live in possibility

and in constant proximity to desire.


Don’t just dream; burn your dreams.

Heat your life with that fire.


From subTerrain #64 (Spring 2013)

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