301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


The Adulterer

On particularly busy days, I leave the washing up
until the end of the day, into the evening, because
by then the air is cool and the soap-water in the sink
remains warm to the touch. The house is quiet save for
the low, hand-held radio heard from the neighbour’s yard,
and with the window open and the sink positioned
where it is, a breeze will wind in and wrap itself around
my feet and up my legs, around my back. I line the drying
rack with the rinsed plates first, then cups, then any pots
or big pans on top. Alongside everything goes the cutlery.
Not always, but often I have left it all day in the sink to be
washed last of all. The truth is it can’t really be used–
whatever goes in just falls back out through the crack.


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