301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


Out of Bounds

Zine Review
Prison magazine, Volume 30, Number 3

This quarterly prison magazine has been managed and written by inmates of William Head Institution in British Columbia — independent of any provincial management or funding — for 30 years. It features articles, editorials and poetry, targeted mostly at the prison population, though the magazine’s mission also seems to be to enlighten the general public to the realities of life on the inside.

Advocates for prisoners’ rights will find much of interest here. Articles in this issue include a critical reflection on Prisoners Justice Day, an assessment of Correctional Service of Canada as a workplace, one former inmate’s experience getting married in prison and much more.

It seems clear that the magazine is an important line of communication for its creators. Pieces that aren’t necessarily prison-focused (the poetry and literary pieces, for example) can vary in quality, but this long-running publication is worth a read.

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