301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


Internet 1

Asking names and addresses
speaking in illegible wavy lines
“DorslTave 2Panini?”

There are only wrong answers
And those jeans will get lost in the outernet anyways.
Knot of algorithms,
binary countdown,
“Splondart wow69”

What even is sex anymore?
There is only that gif of Joe Biden.

“5hordoodle wharbloodle”
Collect Daemon_mailfailure notices
Who is Daemon and why is he _mailfailure?

Three-headed visitor made of recycled staples:
Tard, Maru and Lil’ Bub

“Bz9in Trol0lol0L”
So many unfortunate people doing
career-damaging things.

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