301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


Rise Up for Me Against the Evildoers

Third prize winner of the 3rd Annual Geist Erasure Poetry Contest.


Trouble comes, naked and tough
as grief. It takes most everything:

our books, bones, bags
of used batteries.

People are just tired and quiet
and trouble gets what it sees,

penny by penny.
Help hobbles in, brutish, sad,

nothing holy about it,
toothy, money-avid. Not

at all very different.
A drear argument to sort out.

I want it to end. Sun, rain,
clouds and then sun again.

Pennywhistle concerns. Who will
stand up for me against

the still wind, the cold sun,
the not one or the other?

Trouble is a white blossom
delicate as a tar flow.


Erasure poetry begins with removing letters and words from an existing text in order to create a new stand-alone piece that provides new meaning to the original passage. For the 3rd Annual Geist Erasure Poetry Contest, we posted an excerpt from a prose poem, Cottonopolis, by Rachel Lebowitz.



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