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Zine Review: boys & dirls & dykes & me

boys & girls & dykes & me
Zine, Erica Lenti, House Hippo Press, househippo.net

This zine from Toronto-based queer feminist press House Hippo is a raw coming-of-queer-age story that is not afraid to go into the dark places. While not exceedingly long, this autobiography begins at birth, lingers in childhood, suffers in high school, and recovers in university. With all the public discourse about bullying it is hard to convey the awful feeling of being different and targeted in the age of social media the way this zine does. Erica Lenti’s economical prose conveys the challenges of coming out, dealing with homophobia, and the more complex (but also hurtful) reactions of friends both online and in real life.

The layout is clean and crisp using a Helvetica font. The general vibe is confessional, first-person angst. In one part Lenti talks about investing in noise-cancelling earphones to block out the sounds of her tormentors on her dreaded, daily bus-ride to high school. And much like your favourite tunes, this half-sized zine will make good company for train rides and bus trips.

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