301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


Truth & Wreck, excerpt


I have a multiplicity of stories within me some are the bones of me some are the blood some are the meat of me some are the stagnant pools of qi some are the resuscitation of being   rising up   I feel a cool wind blowing through when I hear the truth the truth about who is dying from neglect who is lied about, who is suppressed who is showcased and honoured and no, wait, listen— who is allowed a natural life who is interfered with, who is taken   rising up   a cool wave of truth flowing through aligning the bones and the meat of my stories cousins disappearing from the left hand new cousins arriving on the right hand who is interfered with who is paid to raise whose children, how indigenous families became outlawed how settler economies feed upon me   the cool truth has a hot heart the cool truth has a sober word for you the cool truth is a mind-blowing instrument   blowing through the dead leaves of the fallen   blowing away the grit of snow under which the stories were buried, frozen   taking up a shovel for redemption

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