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Zine Review: Quickening


Perzine, Heidi Burrowes, issue #1, 719 John St. W, Ustowel, Ont. N4W IB6, heidibearca@yahoo.ca, $3

Heidi Burrowes, is a mother of three. This zine tells the tale of her path to shamanism, a story which starts with employment in restaurants and going back to school to become a massage therapist. After a skin affliction on her hands derails her massage career, she is connected with an introductory program in basic shamanism. She tells of her spiritual experiences at a shamanic retreat, which ultimately makes Burrowes into a practitioner of shamanism, and this informs the rest of the zine as she goes on to talk about handling money, grief and self-love.

This is a re-entry into zinemaking for Burrowes, the former author of Fist Fucked. She says of her previous zine: “I have been reading through old issues and realizing that I do not like that version of me very much. I love her loads, but wouldn’t want to hang out with her.” Overcoming negative self-images, lack of confidence and other baggage are repeated goals, and Burrowes brings the influence of shamanism to bear on these as well.

Burrowes is also into roller derby. She plays on a team. It looks like she wants to accommodate that interest in Quickening as the zine continues, but this first issue focuses mostly on the impact of shamanism on her life, so it’s certainly recommended for anyone interested in that. She seems particularly interested in connecting with readers, too. Quickening is endearing as a glimpse of a changing life, an individual branching out to create new purpose for herself.

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