301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently



A trick with a string and a knot.
A strong string, a strong knot
the kids tug to test. Then it slips
from one string to the next
and no one ahs in awe. Only
the grownups feel a little tingle.

Birthday boy fidgets.
Thought-bubble of cake
above his head, or is it mystery
shapes wrapped in depictions
of superheroes?

The contract said a full hour.
Now it’s time for that thing with the hat.
A flick at the pump by a toddler
hisses the castle back up.
Littlest one goes in and bounces.

The girl’s left a plate of dry mouthfuls
for the trash. Later she’ll weep
over a burst pink balloon
once twisted in the shape of a cat.
I’m just tired! she’ll answer
as if that made it better.

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