301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


The Fonzie-Swans at Coole

My creative writing teacher would say
“You fool, I said pellucid not lucid!»
The manifesto is in its beauty
and the manifesto’s path is dry.

A stiff moon in the church›s parking lot.
I am writing observationals now:
she sold prunes to those who were less gifted;
man, that Stephen Harper sure ticks me off.

Those are some sexy apostles, that’s true.
But those were also some hot-assed pharisees.
When will it get so warm I won’t want to drink
a venti vanilla egg nog latte?

I love you Professor Manifesto
you told me I’d regret the day I said
better a smudge of Doritos dust
than a week in the Bodlein with you.

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