301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


Distracted Deckard

Awake—the raking of Rachael’s nails
against Deckard’s skin seemingly disappears off-
world, carrying along. Deckard back between
occipital and pillow—his ceiling and parietal,

fights against this sleep, his eyelids fall
across his stare and between this—even here.
His insistence to stay with day and night, proves
insufficient to move past this paralysis

rheum like glue between his cornea,
eyelids. Optic nerves repress something
like an undercurrent, hiding like the dirt underneath
Rachael’s nails. That something’s there to be scared of

when old deeds, kept hidden between brain and eye and spine,
linger over to R’s ear and rids of her before this distant morning comes.

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