301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


Doin’ the Math, Eh?

These cold, calculating word problems, selected by Sara Cassidy, originally appeared in Mathematics for Canadians 8 by D.S. Mewhort, B.A., B.Paed.; and R.S. Godbold, B.A., B.Paed, first published by J.M. Dent and Sons Ltd. and the Macmillan Company of Canada Ltd. in 1952. Visit Sara Cassidy at saracassidywriter.com.


The radiator in the Grey’s car has a capacity of 14 quarts. In filling it with anti-freeze for the winter, Mr. Grey uses half alcohol and half water. Find the cost of the anti-freeze used if one gallon of alcohol costs $3.60.

To make 10 gallons of maple syrup, 400 gallons of sap were required. What fraction of the maple sap became syrup?

The ice in the Community Rink at Oakway is ½ inch thick. How many cubic feet of ice are on the rink if the length is 160 feet and the width 60 feet?

A three-inch strip of asbestos material is to be placed around the inside of an opening through which a stovepipe is to pass. Neglecting the width of the material, how long must the strip be, if the pipe has a 7-inch diameter?

Using a power saw, Mr. Frost can cut 4-1/3 cords of firewood per day. At this rate, how long will it take him to cut 65 cords?

A mixture of gunpowder consisted of .1 saltpetre, .15 sulphur, and .75 charcoal. How many pounds of each would be required to make 5 cwt. of gunpowder?

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