301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently



Illustrated by Maryanna Hardy.

Illustrated by Maryanna Hardy.

Bits of dried meat

wedged, firm, between my teeth.

Tongue: persevering explorer — you work hard for nothing.

Shredded flesh, salty and chewy

a trophy from my vulgar meal

the reduction of muscle and vein, instinct and action

into corporeal pleasure,

gnashed by molars.

Soft tissue, un-swallowed

Foreign and conspicuous in this white, sharp-edged cavern.

Such a small reminder of animal self.

Of my ability to consume without thought.

Instinct, maybe.

A carnivorous inclination, hard-wired.

Blood bond with cavewoman.

A rope of fat and sinew

braided  tight to withstand conscience.




From subTerrain #69 (Meat)

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