301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


What Men and Women Do Alone

Illustrated by Ryan Heshka.

Illustrated by Ryan Heshka.


is pantomime sharply

out of the bedroom.


They host a homegrown

gag reflex, politely.


They serrate the words

on the walking tour,


flimsy smiles at neighbours.

Men and women bottle


the unspoken bits

until the body shapes


of terse nouns explode into

a blizzard; a battleground


on repeat, daily

reminders – long lines


at the love factory.

They try to renovate


the reasons with ear-

plugs and blind spots,


hand jobs in camouflage.

Men and women blur


at the television, swap

the family for strange


flesh, burning at midnight

in a backseat, busy.


Busy calling back casual,

busy adjusting the drapes.


From subTerrain #68 (Pulp Fiction)

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