301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently



From Injun. Published by Jackpine Press in 2014. Jordan Abel is a Nisga’a writer living in Vancouver. His debut book, Place of Scraps (Talonbooks), won the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize.  



he played injun in gods country
where boys proved themselves clean

dumb beasts who could cut fire
out of the whitest sand

he played english across the trail
where girls turned plum wild

garlic and strained words
through the window of night

he spoke through numb lips and
breathed frontier



he heard snatches of comment
going up from the river bank

all them injuns is people first
and besides for this buckskin

why we even shoot at them
and seems like a sign of warm

dead as a horse friendship
and time to pedal their eyes

to lean out and say the truth
all you injuns is just white keys



just the              warpath
just the              all time disgust

ringing rescue
acts for the boys and
injuns for the nights

all misdeeds at the milk           house
all heap                   shoots by the sagebrush

all the grub         is somewhere
down in the hungry bellies

of drunks             all the dog cries
are announced
at            the backdoor



injun s               mu        st           hang

straigh         t
bl    ack arrows

o ff their
sh          oulders

an d  be    tha     ankf  ul
and  b e              faithf   ul
a nd       be     tr   ustful

of si  lver and
lu   ck


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