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301 Moved Permanently


Divine Logic

One proves God’s existence by citing the stinking garbage

dumps of Lagos, Nigeria; Fresh Kills, NY; Bordo Poniente,

Mexico; Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Pacific Ocean.

Mountains of teeming human blight: humankind’s

temples riddled with scavengers, bulldozed into mounds

thick as pyramids. Here lies Altar, Chancel, Transept,

Sacristy, Eucharist, Scepter, wriggling masses. Pilgrimage

of diesel engines belching black repentant fume like

thunderous guilt, depositing spermy blankets, bloody

towels, expelled placentas, vomiting couches, frizzy wigs.

Priests preside these cresting seas. God forgives. God

absolves. Come unto Me. Dogs shit upon these pews,

gulls pull coagulated fat. This our ark. This our craft.

Board it now, wretched sinners. Here lie rotten ratty

pants, here loafers stiff as husks, here’s plastic sucked

by lips. No greater proof than this. Let us, then, gather

round these sewers, shiver humbly, and worship God.



from subTerrain #70: Outsiders

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