301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade: His Table Talk


The poems [in this issue] are from my epic-in-progress, Canticles, which is a series of dramatic monologues in free verse, voiced by characters drawn either from history or from imagination. I present the speakers as participants in an international, and still incomplete, conversation about slavery versus freedom, the value of ‘blackness’ (or the place of ‘race’) in white-majority societies, and the struggles of many peoples versus the two-millennia-long project of Western/Occidental/Euro Imperialism. Book 1 will appear from Guernica in Fall 2016.


Can’t say I stomach a Negress.

I’ve had a few—

just as I’ve tried lamb chops.


But that black bitch Vénus swore like a sailor:

Masterpieces of Profanity flowed out of her

as my prick stabbed into her anus,

that hot, seething trench.

(My arrow—

like a sparrow-



down to her marrow.)


She was a dirty, earthy peasant,

plucked from stews and dockside brine,

who sucked me off exquisitely,

even after I’d been jizzin urine.


The very smelly air, afterward,

intoxicated like sulphuric Hell.


(A Negress backs up buggery well.)


But Slavery is as natural as Rape,

and both yield Happiness.


Note: The best rum cake is gâteau nantais:

Great sweetness gleaned from glazed, nigger sweat.


[Cable Beach (Bahamas) 27 mai mmxii]


from subTerrain #71

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