301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


Land of a Thousand Hairdos

From The Green Stool Café Went Belly Up. Self-published in 2015.

Why were so many hairdressers called Diane?

Hailing a cab right after the six-thirty rush
Making it home in time to watch Carol Burnett
Blue light so welcoming, glowing from inside the den
Reflecting along the wet sidewalks with echoing heels
Spilling on puddles of mud, and puppy dog tails
And husbands all home from the legion early enough
To chuckle in front of the telly before dozing off
Hairdressing school had provided a ticket away
To beehives and pixies, pageboys and bangs and bouffants
Born at a time when the popular pink-blanket names
Were Jennifer, Sylvia, Beverly, Joyce and Diane

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