301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


No Time To Write

Hectic here. This town is friendly but not rich. There’s a party nearly every night.

I don’t waitress. I work in the drugstore with Deanne. We’re looking for a cheaper place. Hope it has a shower. It feels real good to be clean. Some days I’m drowning in perspiration. Others I sit with Mr. Miller and drink beer. Guess I’ve done some unique things the ladies haven’t tried out yet. People come right up to me and ask if his head was knocked clean off. You always think of your father as being strong (I did anyway). Now I think a person doesn’t just die. Phil was a bit self-righteous. Not so special after all. Ask my mom what I said to her.

Hope you can visit some time, one time, next time you are through.

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