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Can I Sell My Double Burial Plot?

Questions from You Can’t Take It With You: The Common-Sense Guide to Estate Planning for Canadians by Sandra E. Foster, published by John Wiley & Sons Canada in 1998.

  • I’ve prepared my will and have left my grand piano to my niece. If I need money, can I sell the piano without checking with her?
  • I do not want to leave my children anything. Can I leave them out of my will?
  • I have two daughters, one of whom I have not heard from in 10 years. Must I divide my estate between them?
  • I’ve been left out of my father’s will. What can I do about it?
  • My father has just died after a long illness. My brother was his attorney at the bank. We think that there should be more money left, but it seems to be all gone. What can we do?
  • My mother is 85 and refuses to give my brother and me a power of attorney. What can we do?
  • I’ve purchased a double burial plot. The resale value is now about $10,000. I want to take an extensive trip and be cremated. Can I sell my plot?

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