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Editor’s Pick: Red Rising Magazine

redrisingsliderimage by Justin Larrivee

Lots of people set out to make magazines, comp zines, and other forms of alternative and political publishing. That’s our lifeblood here at Broken Pencil, and we do our best to keep tabs on all of the self-published and independent projects we can.

As an editor at BP, a zine fair organizer, and a zinester myself, I’ve seen a lot of amazing stuff, and zines have long been a part of my political awareness. But I have to say, the folks behind Winnipeg-based Red Rising are making a magazine that consistently blows me away, and I was super stoked to meet them and have them table at Canzine Central this year.

The magazine brings together work by Indigenous creators and writers across Canada, and as a white/settler reader I feel really grateful that the mag allows me to plug into conversations and and some really incredible work that I may never have accessed otherwise. But it also offers entry points for political organizing and for what solidarity can look like. And most importantly, it insists that poetry, art and tradition not only can, but must be at the centre of an indigenous movement in Canada and throughout the world.

They’ve got four issues so far, and they’re all available on their webstore for suggested donation prices. Do yourself a favour and check them out.


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