301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently



Three bone china teacups with matching saucers, one extra saucer, one wireless electric kettle, two teapots, two glass butter pats, three ornamental creamers, one sugar bowl, six teaspoons, eleven tablespoons, twelve knives, fourteen forks, three tea balls, two glass salad bowls, one plastic salad bowl, three graduated metal mixing bowls, one measuring cup, two cookie sheets, one loaf pan, two cake pans, one icing gun, one roasting pan, one wok, three saucepans, two pots, thirteen pieces of Tupperware, four egg cups, six soufflé pots, six small dishes, six side plates, five soup plates, four cereal bowls, six dinner plates, eight shot glasses, thirteen wine glasses, four plastic wine glasses, three sets of plastic cutlery, one bag assorted plastic cutlery, thirty-six pieces of plastic patio dinnerware, four cookbooks, one silver napkin holder, six water glasses, ten mason jars, five mugs, one silver ice bucket, one champagne bucket, one silver serving plate, three boxes of Ziploc bags, one roll parchment paper, one roll Saran Wrap, three takeout menus, one potholder, one oven mitt, twelve barbecue tin trays, one roll aluminum paper, eleven bamboo skewers, three steak knives, two santokus, one electric mixer, one potato masher, one garlic press, one mandolin, two graters, five spatulas, two peelers, one apple corer, one coffee maker, four sets of tongs, one blender, two bottle openers, one wine stopper, one package of pasta noodles, one jar of sumac, one spice rack with five containers of spices, one container of fleur de sel, five different hot sauces, one bottle of ginger juice, one carton of chocolate soy milk, one rind of pecorino romano, three cans of tonic water, one onion, one container of cocoa powder, three cloves of garlic, one Easter egg decorating set, five ice trays, one bag of whiskey rocks, six types of green tea, five other types of tea, thirty-two coffee pods, three bags of frozen vegetables, one kilogram of frozen raspberries, one loaf of frozen rye bread, two bags of dog food, two packs of cupcake liners, two muffin tins, one jar baking powder, one box baking soda, fifteen cleaning products, seven rolls of paper towel, eight rolls of toilet paper, one toilet brush, one basket, one garbage pail, one toilet paper holder, two face-shaped planters, one antique tool box filled with eight succulents and forty-six decorative rocks, four mirrors, ten paintings, three empty frames, four framed family photographs, one weather station, one laptop, one iPod, two sets of headphones, three power extensions, one bottle of Worcestershire sauce, one bottle of bitters, one bottle of Jack Daniels, one bottle of Bailey’s, two bottles of white wine, one bottle of Hendrick’s, three packs of cocktail napkins, sixteen dish towels, eight hand towels, four bath towels, two beach towels, four duvet covers, three bottom sheets, two top sheets, eighteen pillow cases, twelve pillows, one mattress, one box spring, two bookcases, three hundred fifty-two books, one steamer trunk, one metal trunk, two monogrammed suitcases, one sound system made out of two suitcases, three knapsacks, one camping bag, four purses, seven handbags, thirty-four pairs of shoes, seventeen rings, eleven necklaces, twelve pairs of earrings, fourteen bracelets, ten brooches, nine belts, five hats, fifteen scarves, twelve coats, one pair of snow pants, one pair of ski boots, one pair of skis, one pair of poles, one pair of ice skates, one pair of rollerblades, one set of hand weights, one umbrella, two rolls of wrapping paper, thirteen assorted blank greeting cards, twelve blank invitations, one set of blank thank-you cards, seven blank journals, twenty HB pencils, six mechanical pencils, nineteen pens, seventy-one colouring pencils, five pairs of scissors, three rolls of Scotch tape, thirty-eight tubes of paint, seven pads of art paper, four rulers, fifteen paint brushes, three pencil sharpeners, three sheets of stickers, one pack of cue cards, one file folder with four hundred ninety-two somewhat important documents inside, two dining tables, one tablecloth, one sectional sofa, two carpets, two wingback armchairs, one coffee table, one writing desk, one desk chair, two vacuum cleaners, one garment steamer, two containers laundry detergent, one pack of stain release pods, one stain remover spray, two Swiffer mops, one regular mop, one bucket, one box fabric softener sheets, one washer, one dryer, one oven, one microwave, one fridge, one dishwasher, one ceiling fan, one wall of nine Ikea Pax closets, two ceiling lamps, three table lamps, one shower shelf unit, fourteen lipsticks, three bottles of shower gel, two bottles of shampoo, nineteen disposable razors, nine hair products, six hairbrushes, one hair iron, two curling irons, one hairdryer, one diffuser, six blushes, three foundations, two primers, fifty-seven makeup brushes, two mascaras, three eyeliners, ten eye shadow pans, five lip liners, thirty-one colours of nail polish, one bottle nail polish remover, four moisturizers, five hand creams, three lip balms, one cuticle cream, two bottles of massage oil, one bottle of castor oil, seven bottles of flower remedies, one bottle of Tums, one bottle of Tylenol, one bottle of Advil, fifteen condoms, one bottle of Chinese cough syrup, two packs of ear buds, four boxes of feminine hygiene products, two eyelash curlers, one box of Kleenex, one laundry drying rack, one desk globe, eighty-three clothes hangers, twelve pairs of jeans, twenty-nine dresses, thirteen skirts, nine button-down shirts, sixteen sweaters, five t-shirts, twelve tank tops, thirty-seven pairs of socks, nineteen single socks, eight pairs of tights, six pairs of pants, three pairs of shorts, four rompers, two swimsuits, eight bikini bottoms, four bikini tops, nine cardigans, thirteen bras, twenty-six pairs of underwear, two pairs of handcuffs, five candles, one boat propeller, seven blazers, one printer, one unfinished painting, one laundry basket, five sets of pajamas, three pairs of boxers, seven pairs of leggings, two pairs of running shoes, eight pairs of sunglasses, two shoe racks, one chandelier, one table saw, two electric drills, two boxes full of assorted hardware, one tube of wall crack filler, one tube of bathroom caulk, one bicycle helmet, one ski helmet, two pairs of ski goggles, two pairs of ski gloves, one pair of mittens,  one wine rack, one metal box filled with one hundred twenty-three varied souvenirs dating to 1998, fourteen DVDs, three blank CDs, five assorted computer cables, one Lucite sideboard, two teddy bears, one sewing machine, nine spools of thread, six packs of needles, four bobbins, one roll of elastic banding, one bag of assorted fasteners and buttons, one glue gun, nine glue sticks, fourteen hair elastics, one card of bobby pins, two slips, six bodysuits, one bustier, five bottles of perfume, one single bedroom condominium, twelve dog toys, one dog (part-time), four binders, one laptop case, one dog bed, four curtain rod holders, two bookends, one bird house, three glass candle holders, one sheepskin, two trays, one checkerboard, one hammer, two screwdrivers, one spackling spatula, one sanding sponge, six sheets of sandpaper, three rolls of painters’ tape, two wrenches, five unidentified keys, twelve identified keys, one cell phone, one Facebook account, two email accounts.

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