301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


The Cup Is In The Building

Shall we dive into the setting?
First, the wings and/or wind
the holes in the bark
tough clouds advancing from north of us
steely-edged & the ambulance on the way to the golf course
or waiting for a phone call, the dog-walk rendezvous
if we have time
if not I tether them up and we go alone
to the practices of always, the path we take
while I think so hard I wear a frown
and return to the TV on, Kings vs Devils
and the cup is in the building
being buffed up as we speak but
it could be in another building Saturday night
taken out of its crate, blanketed
as a patient moved from one hospital
to the next increasingly fragile,
used up by the effort of the journey, the tired
Cups were always love
when Robin did our cards back in the 60’s and it’s true
they rarely showed up in the runs I picked from the shuffled deck; mine
tended toward pentangles and swords, yet I seemed like such a cup-ish person!
Now Robin is in his grave and I
think of him at times, & the warp of the Ryder deck.

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