301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


Captain Beefheart

In order to acquire the maximum power
In cases of disease or injury of the brain
Through the violent but pur­poseless movements of a drunken man
Too strong a current tends to raise the pitch
And the curious feeling that sometimes comes over us
In either case when so much motive power is thrown away
The brilliancy and fullness of the tone are lost

Neither books nor dissection can teach this
As he vainly struggles to place his feet where his eyes tell him they should be put
Often aided and enlightened by a competent instructor
“Words that burn” too often reduced to mere “sound and fury”
His breath discharged as from the mouth of a cannon
The muscles generally lose the power of combining for a definite end
Having been in precisely the same circumstances at some former time
These muscles must be regularly exer­cised for a short time
And the “most admired disorder” that would be produced is a choir

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