301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


marine ah

body of water you came wet you
come reaches of the sea through metropolis mother tide
docked and watermark culture your first growth log
saloon hotel boots you sideslip keels

to dwell
in habit streets you lap you shine rain’s anterior head-turner
albedo gleam unfurled

small arm of the sea

infringed by dockside gantry cranes Beacon K-line rolling
stock she current with spirit or energy a lot more than objects
mirrors dazzle creek wise or riverine with its tip to art deco
sign Rainier’s all-woman character once restaurant-bar its
taxi stand for 1920s black maria line-up long skirt straw
hat thought of entrance later 40s girl shoeshine smile to
his pervasive business shoe his

liquid lunch in the ell
bo hail below she fur b’lows in cars later incurs hardly a
culture of safety    these liquid assets about to drain

the real

estate cult she streams through outfall tidal muck harbour
rain striated heart ’n all its submerged relations mourning
what can’t be replaced   the rift   the mind   cracks in the
carefully patterned concrete

still Muriel mar a sign
the rain’s a place where hope comes   mildewed maybe
rusted fire escape impossible routes gnarl up through
grime to white full shine in her

elle ll a live oh

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