301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


in my dreams (237.3 km)

Mercedes Eng invokes a visceral scene of bloodshed wrought over injustice. From The Enpipe Line: 70,000 km of poetry written in resistance to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines proposal.


in my dreams

the duress
the mess

it don’t belong to the ladies and their people


the duress
the fear

is yours

cause my arms are just that
strong and wide
these arms blood and bone
not pipelines, not prisons, not cops, not judges, not ministries
of what-the-fuck-ever, not residential schools, not rezs, not
truth and reconciliation

in my dreams

i slay you with my electric guitar
made of unceded wood
powered by woman blood and bone in earth
its sonic edge reverberates
through tailing lakes

i kill the fascist within
whenever you
try murder

of this ground
and the people who own it

instead of you raping women in ancient trees
and me hearing their cries
you hear
my warrior cry
its sound so loud this earth shakes
the blood and bones recompose
they rally
they call war
and they win

the oil rigs me and my baby brother saw
as we drove all over Alberta
visiting our dad in the provinces correctional facilities
the institutions where you house the nation
i take them
extraction machineries
gathered in arms of blood and bone
up up up
the northern lights guide my way
and i hurl them
at all the prisons that held my daddy and made me ashamed
when people thought i was one of those brown bodies

prison industrial complex explodes
but all the right people live

i write poems all over your pipelines
directing the oil back to the ground
and the blood and bones in this ground
is yours

in my dreams
i lay you motherfuckers down

in my dreams

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