301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


Aretha Franklin

It is useful to have a second larger mirror on which things may be caught
This large mirror or “reflector” should have a concave surface
The operator next draws the singer’s tongue forward with his left hand
Which should be made to push the soft-palate very gently backwards
To be lightly held by the handle like a pen
Under brighter skies it is necessary to have an artificial substi­tute

Examined in such a way that the flame is on a level with the eye
Reflected light from the mirror must fall on the base of the uvula
With elaborate and costly kinds of apparatus to meet the want
When the big im­age of the larynx will appear on the surface
Smooth ledges are visible running backwards from before
Without being seen distinctly slanting the mirror to one side
And they should be running in the same direction as the ventricular bands
Bringing the attempted examination to an abrupt conclusion

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